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APEX is a finance company specializing in funding lawsuits for plaintiffs. We are headquartered in Valley Stream, New York with additional offices throughout the tri-state area. APEX was built from the ground up to provide millions of dollars in litigation funding for plaintiffs. At Apex Legal Funding, we understand that legal cases can be stressful and take years to settle. During that time, many of our clients have bills piling up either from the treatment of their injury or because they are unable to work due to the accident. Apex Legal Funding can help to reduce financial pressures by providing you with the cash you need NOW.


Big companies know that most people who are injured cannot afford a long drawn out lawsuit and are therefore willing to settle for a lesser settlement. This knowledge gives the big companies an advantage in any lawsuit. But, with APEX by your side, we turn the tide back in your favor by removing the stress involved in waiting for your settlement to come while your bills may be piling up or your rent may be past due. With an influx of CASH from APEX you can pay your bills, rent and medical bills while we take all the risk! We offer competitive rates, in fact our rates are lower than some credit cards!


With APEX, there are no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, no monthly payments, and no up-front or out of pocket costs! We offer a fast and easy way to apply for lawsuit funding. Our litigation funding is 100% Risk Free for plaintiffs which means, you only repay the money if you win your case. If your case is lost, or your case does not settle, YOU OWE US NOTHING. Get the peace of mind you deserve now. Contact us today and see what APEX can do for you.

Applying for a cash advance for your accident case is easy because there is no employment verification, no credit check and no monthly payments. All you have to do is provide your attorney information and we will handle it from there. The best part? Pay us back only if you win your case. If not, the money is yours. Stop losing sleep at night worrying about your financial situation… Apply today.

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How the Apex Advantage works:

If you are involved in any personal injury lawsuit, we understand you have enough to deal with and the last thing you need to be worried about is how to pay your bills. With APEX at your side, you can use the cash advance provided by APEX risk free, as you are protected by our non recourse funding agreement. For you, that means that unless your attorney secures a settlement or wins a verdict, you owe us absolutely nothing. When your case settles, we are repaid out of your settlement or verdict. And since APEX was built from the ground up to be an efficient lawsuit cash advance provider - we remove any unnecessary "red-tape" and needless forms - and hence can have your money to you in as little as 24 hours.


  • No Credit Check

  • No Employment Verification

  • Low Interest Rates

  • No Upfront Out of Pocket Cost!

  • Non-recourse Funding - If You Lose Your Case, You Owe Us Nothing!

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We Offer Lawsuit Funding For The Following Cases

  • Motor Vehicle Accident

  • Slip/Trip and Fall

  • Premises Liability

  • Construction Accident

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Head and Neck Injuries

  • Product Liability

  • Dog Bites

  • Sidewalk Falls

  • Others – Bus/Train/Subway



  • My getting into a car accident threw my life into a tailspin. I was unable to work because i was hurt pretty badly, but the bills kept piling up. My lawyer told me that i should receive a settlement from the insurance company but that could be years away. I spoke with Jake at Apex and got my money within 2 days.

    James C.

  • Great company! Great service! Spoke with them on Monday about getting the cash now from my lawsuit. They really had a lot of patience and understanding for a newbee like me. They cut me a check by Wednesday! Definitely recommend using Apex over others.

    Tarek S.

  • Very good service! Overall i'm very satisfied with the process. They contacted the attorney working on my case and evaluated my case while i was in the waiting room. I got the money the next morning! amazing!

    Noemy R.



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