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Doctors and medical providers are some of the most trusted members of our society and people we look to for assistance with our overall health and wellness. However, they aren’t always in the right, and they are, at the end of the day, humans themselves, and they make mistakes. But some mistakes, especially those made at the point of care, rise to being negligent and can lead to serious and terrible health consequences for their patients. When this happens, it becomes a subject of medical malpractice law, a branch under the personal injury lawsuit process and victims of medical malpractice can seek compensatory damages based on the health issues and conditions they might have suffered as a result. According to the team at Apex Legal Funding, considered one of the best pre settlement funding companies in New York, medical malpractice cases aren’t nearly as easy to fight and can often end up taking victims on a long, arduous ride that can drastically damage them financially. This is where lawcash funding or legal funding becomes a vital resource to have at your disposal. In this article, we will be going over legal funding and how it can benefit you in the midst of your medical malpractice claims.

A Long Medical Malpractice Process

No matter what type of case it might be, the personal injury lawsuit process is a long and arduous journey for victims – especially those pursuing a medical malpractice settlement of any kind. According to one of the best pre settlement funding companies in New York, Apex Legal Funding, medical malpractice lawsuit claims can take a long time to settle. And for many individuals this will mean the inability to work due to injuries or pain from the medical issues they have suffered from.

Drastically hampering your ability to pay bills and care for your life’s expenses during this long legal proceeding. This actually puts many personal injury victims into massive debt, and causes them to have issues with creditors and debtors alike, as a result of their financial instability. The personal injury lawsuit process can often take months to come to any conclusion – whether that might mean a payout from a lawsuit or a settlement agreement. During that time, with the help of the experts at Apex Legal Funding, known for providing the best lawcash funding in New York, they will be able to cover vital expenses, medical & legal fees, and even sustain while missing time from work – until the settlement of their case.

Valuing Your Case

When you are in the midst of a medical malpractice lawsuit claim, it is important to understand that there are a number of different types of damages at play here and some are economic and others are not. When determining the amount of funding you might be eligible for, the team at Apex Legal Funding will look closely at the details of your medical malpractice lawsuit claim, and assign a value based on the following.

Economic Damages

These are all your monetary losses. This can include everything from bill, out of pocket expenses, debts and more, to:

Losses wages and limited future earning potential due to medical issues and health. These damages can include your salary, possible bonuses, retirement accounts, and much more.

Medical Expenses including ambulance bills, diagnostics, prescription medications, mental health bills, travel fees, rehab and much more.

Health insurance costs and increased premiums

Childcare and family expenses

And Much More

Non-Economic Damages

These types of damages are far more difficult to quantify as they generally are described by your trauma, emotionally and physically. They might include:

Pain and suffering – physical and emotional

Loss of protection and support

Loss of guidance

Loss of companionship

Loss of society

Emotional trauma and mental anguish

Diminished quality of life

Reputational damage

And Much More

For more information about obtaining medical malpractice lawsuit funding be sure to contact Apex Legal Funding today.

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