My getting into a car accident threw my life into a tailspin. I was unable to work because i was hurt pretty badly, but the bills kept piling up. My lawyer told me that i should receive a settlement from the insurance company but that could be years away. I spoke with Jake at Apex and got my money within 2 days.
James C.
Great company! Great service! Spoke with them on Monday about getting the cash now from my lawsuit. They really had a lot of patience and understanding for a newbee like me. They cut me a check by Wednesday! Definitely recommend using Apex over others.
Tarek S.
Very good service! Overall i’m very satisfied with the process. They contacted the attorney working on my case and evaluated my case while i was in the waiting room. I got the money the next morning! amazing!
Noemy R.
I got into a car accident and was out of work for over 6 months waiting on my trial to start. Luckily for me I was able to get into contact with Jake from Apex Legal Funding and was able to get cash in advance in less than a week, based on the details from my case. And the process couldn’t have been easier. Highly recommended!
Lawrence J.
As a medical malpractice attorney, I have seen Apex personally fund a number of clients, helping them in their most serious time of need, and often going through terrible life-altering injuries. As long as it can take for plaintiffs, a lot of them are in need of help with legal bills, medical bills, and even just daily life needs. Apex is the answer!
David B.
My slip and fall case was on its way to being settled for nearly a year, and still there was nothing. With my children home from school, and recovering from a back injury that really affected me negatively I had to be home, and thankfully with the help of Apex was able to get an early advance on my settlement, which thankfully came eventually! They are such a lifesaver, and have some of the best terms in the industry, I shopped around for a few weeks and got pretty knowledgeable about the funding world, and I am glad to have worked with them!
Anna M.
A relative of mine was dealing with a medical malpractice lawsuit, over their decreased spouse. And they were having some financial difficulties at the time, and needed cash to pay their bills while waiting for different things with he estate as well as the settlement. I found out about Apex and just gave them a contact, and I’m so happy to hear they were a huge help to my aunt and her family! Thanks Apex, very much appreciated!
Leana K.
I first heard of Apex over a year ago after seeing an ad online, and never really thought much about it until I found myself in the middle of a car accident right in front of my home in Brooklyn. My husband and I hired an attorney and our case was very complicated, it still isn’t even over yet. But when we first decided to file, we realized the finances weren’t going to work out well for the next few months. Just needing money to get through the trial, we were able to get a cash advance on our lawsuit settlement that really saved things for my husband and I. The case still isn’t over and its been a year, but thankfully Apex was able to provide us help when we couldn’t find it anywhere else.
Alexus F.
This Firm is life saver. I applied for help and received it quickly! I would fully recommend Apex to my friends and family! Thank you!
Verified Client
Legal Funding NYC helps me get rid of problem that I was suffering from, since I met with an accident. It was the matter of post settlement which was solved by them. The money I got helped me in paying my hospital bills.
Roger D.
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